In My Apartment:
Decorating with Wallpaper


In my previous home decor post I talked about wanting to re-decorate my apartment.  I can’t afford a big overhaul. But a few new fabric, colour and accent updates would be just what I need to breathe new life into my space. Now is the perfect time to finally create the feature wall in my bedroom that I’ve been dreaming about. I’ve been longing to do some decorating with wallpaper for quite some time now.

Misty Copeland
Prepare to be Inspired

{Image: Misty Copeland in Swan Lake}

Misty Copeland just became the first black principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). For those who don’t know who Misty Copeland is – she’s an award-winning American ballet dancer. I love the ballet. And I love inspiration fitness videos. So when Under Armour began featuring Misty in their ads and fitness videos, I couldn’t help but bookmark them all in my fitness playlist. 

Luxe Summertime Skin Care

Summertime Skin Care

There are a few skin care products in my arsenal that I reserve only for the Summertime. During the colder months, when I’m bulked up in sweaters and layers, I don’t see the point in sporty my extra luxe, extra pricey skin care products. My only concern during the winter is keeping my skin moisturize. But when it gets warm out, I break out my collection of luxe summertime skin care products.

Outfit Post:
Strappy Red Heels


I really went into White House Black Market to get some pants for work. But then these strappy red heels caught my eye. As I walked into the store – there they were, to the right, on a shelf, above some bags. Work pants what?! Needless to say, I couldn’t leave the store without them. And yes, I still need some work pants.

Beauty Basics
The Classic Red Lip

the classic red lip

Hello! Here is a quick little video on how to achieve the classic red lip. Red lipstick is my absolute favourite to wear. But I must admit – it takes a steady hand to get it just right. If you are doing a matte red lip or any deep, bold lip colour, I would highly recommend using a lip pencil to outline and fill your lips before applying the colour. A sharp lip pencil offers more precision in addition to doubling the impact and wear time of your lip colour.

In Other News…


I am so happy with the response on the new blog. In just over a month, since I re-launched Like, Wutever on WordPress, pageviews and unique visits have just about doubled. It definitely helps that I’m more consistent with posting content. Content is king! I really love blogging and also the community and support from other bloggers as well. Special shout-out to all the Canadian bloggers. Holla! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for my first ever Sweepstakes Giveaway. I’m excited to continue posting my beauty tips, product reviews, videos and fitness updates. Stick with me, kid!…